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Dallas: The City That Hates Pedestrians, Pt. 43

At least the giant holes in the sidewalk are clearly marked.
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From a colleague, the scene on Bonita Avenue in East Dallas:

By the usual unhappy standards of Dallas hating pedestrians, this doesn’t rank as too egregious. At a glance, it looks like these sections are blocked off for what I would assume is necessary work on below-ground utilities or on the sidewalk itself. The holes are clearly marked, so you’re not falling in without some warning. And this residential street, while close to a good deal of activity on Henderson, may not be getting that much traffic. Assuming you’re not in a wheelchair or on crutches—a big assumption that shouldn’t really be made as it relates to these things—you could probably detour into the roadway without too much risk to your person.

But still, even with those caveats, come on. And with the city taking a closer look at its many miles of busted or nonexistent sidewalk, it’s worth keeping an eye on where our sidewalks end.

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