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Dale Hansen Is Retiring

He has been Dallas' dominant sportscaster for 38 years.
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After nearly four decades in the market, Dale Hansen is stepping down. September 2 will be his last broadcast. You can hear him explain his decision on tonight’s 10 p.m. broadcast on ABC Channel 8. Here is the station’s announcement.

Perhaps we’ll have some more to say about Hansen’s career in this town at a later date. For now, I’d just like to say this: thank goodness he’ll finally have some time to have a few drinks and maybe play some golf and poker. He has earned it.

The image you see above appeared on the cover of D Magazine in March 1997, when Hansen wrote a first-person story for us about getting fired. If you’re more in the mood to listen, check out this podcast we did with him in 2017. He talks about playing cards and playing golf and how he has managed to stay married.

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