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White Rock-area Restaurant Totally Dogs City Council Candidate

Smoky Rose has a great patio. John Botefuhr isn't welcome there.
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White Rock-area Restaurant Totally Dogs City Council Candidate

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First, I swear to you that I took this picture while stopped at a red light. It’s green in the photo, but it had just changed when I snapped the shot.

Having established that, I want you to look at the two campaign signs in front of Smoky Rose, which is across from the Arboretum and in District 9. The sign on the left is for Judy Kumar. The one on the right is for the incumbent, Paula Blackmon. These signs raise an important question: what about poor John Botefuhr? Where’s his dang sign? There are, after all, three candidates running for the District 9 seat at City Hall. As a resident of District 9, I call on Smoky Rose to be more inclusive and support all three candidates. By the same token, I myself plan to cast a vote for each of the candidates.

(Disclosure: when my son is home from college, he waits tables at Smoky Rose, and I love their brisket queso with all of my heart.)