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My Favorite Murder Podcast Says S. Holland Murphy Wrote the Eff Out of the Adolphus Hotel Ghost Stories

Warning: foul language and death ahead.
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An alert FrontBurnervian alerted me to the fact that the 267th episode of the My Favorite Murder podcast gives a shout-out to S. Holland Murphy, former D Mag staffer, celebrated writer of profiles on mermaid hair magnates and cat fanciers, and current contributing editor.

I had heard a rumor that when the hosts, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, were in town to perform at the Toyota Music Factory back in May 2019, they had done a segment on the ghosts of the Adolphus Hotel, and had rightfully credited Holland’s extensive research and resulting story that appeared on our website in time for Halloween the year before.

The episode based on that taping finally aired yesterday. The ladies referred to the Irving event as a “big old show,” pointing out, “We had fucking cowboy hats waiting for us in the green room.” Then they led into the segment noting that while Six Flags has had two deaths, the Adolphus Hotel has had a much more gruesome history, one that came to their attention through Holland’s story.

“I got so much information from D Magazine,” Hardstack said to scattered applause. “There’s an article by a woman named S. Holland Murphy who just fucking wrote the article about it.”

“She wrote the fuck out of that article?” asked Kilgariff.

“She did,” responded Hardstack. “She like went to the library and like microfiched and then I just copy and pasted all of it. She’s a great writer. I appreciate her, S. Holland Murphy.”

I appreciate her, too. Tune in at about minute 43 or, even better, read Holland’s ghost story for yourself.

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