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It's getting cold next week.
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Other Constables Stand Down on Evictions. The Dallas Morning News earlier this week highlighted an “unlawful” eviction of a mother and her children from their North Dallas apartment. Now, another constable has issued a statement saying he will follow all “federal, state, and local laws/rules” in his directives to deputies as it pertains to evictions. The CDC issued a moratorium on evictions in September, requiring tenants to fill out a form to present to their landlord and the court to prevent being removed from their home. That didn’t happen in the prior case; let’s hope it doesn’t happen again.

Police Chief Eddie Garcia Does the TV News Rounds. He went on WFAA, NBC 5, and CBS 11. On WFAA, learn a little bit more about how he plans to handle morale in the department and a lot about his biography. The CBS interview gives more insight into his management style and how he plans to empower his police officers: “I’ll probably be here very seldom, because for the next month or so I’ll be having my meetings and doing my days from each of the stations so I can meet the rank and file, the command staff, and the community and business leaders of that particular area,” he told CBS 11’s Doug Dunbar, adding that he wants to meet with residents who are affected by violent crime. “What do you want?” He calls for recognizing the root causes of crime in neighborhoods: “socio-economic based, lack of education, lack of jobs, mental illness, drug use—you are not going to solve those problems overnight, and a police department is not going to solve those problems by themselves without help. We need to identify the cogs in the wheel that need to be at the table to fix things long-term.” In the short-term, he calls for more visibility in neighborhoods and hot spot policing that helps “interrupt criminal enterprises.”

Mavs Get Blown Out By Tiny Warriors. The Golden State Warriors lost both of its centers to injuries. I had some friends who were apoplectic last night that the Mavs couldn’t gain ground on these small guys. As a Rockets fan, I have nightmares of the Death Lineup and the Hamptons Five and while Andrew Wiggins is hardly Kevin Durant—or, frankly, even 2016-era Harrison Barnes—leaving Steph Curry with that much space is a death sentence. Especially if you’re playing a guy like Kristaps Porzingis, whose legs lately look like human-scale Cafe Express breadsticks. Kelly Oubre had a career high 40, which is lingering revenge for Tim Rogers taking his court at the Y all those years ago. Warriors won 147-116.

The 20s Are Coming. The coldest it’s been this winter is 27 degrees. Starting Tuesday, a front will plunge temperatures into the 30s and 40s—and further down into the 20s some evenings.

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