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Mike Rhyner Is About to Launch a New Videocast

It's called Your Dark Companion.
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Mike Rhyner Portrait
Elizabeth Lavin

Last January, Mike Rhyner announced that he was retiring from The Ticket, the station he had helped found, and The Hardline, the show he had hosted for the better part of 26 years. In March, we ran a story I wrote about Rhyner, looking back on his long career, not just with The Ticket but going back to his days with The Zoo and his life before that playing in local bands. I am reminded of the story on the rare occasions when I go back to our office, because it was in the last issue we finished in the same building, so the tiny copies of its pages are still up on the boards in the hallway.

The end of the story was a bit vague because Rhyner himself wasn’t exactly sure what he was going to do. We now know at least one thing that is on the books: on February 11, he will begin hosting a weekly videocast called Your Dark Companion. One of the first guests will be new Texas Rangers general manager Chris Young. If you’ve missed The Old Grey Wolf, Your Dark Companion gets going at 5 p.m. at VOKALNow.com (as well as the VOKAL Now app and pretty much all major podcast platforms). Until then, as he would say, stay hard and keep jamming.

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