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Jovan Philyaw (aka J. Hutton Pulitzer) Rides Again!

Our favorite pitchman is pitching once again.
By Tim Rogers |

We’ve written before — here and here, just to pick two stories — about Dallas’ own Jovan Philyaw, who now goes by J. Hutton Pulitzer. He was the guy behind the enormous CueCat failure. He also gives himself credit for “thrusting forward the momentum and adoption of the Internet.” He has done a whole bunch of stuff. Like, for example, he says he helped launch Susan Powter’s infomercials. He was or is involved with the Cacheology Society of America, the National Treasure Society, and a Roman sword found in Canada. It’s hard to keep it all straight. If you don’t have time to read J. Hutton Pulitzer Curriculum Vitae: Autodidacticism, written by Chris Cline, here’s a shorter attempt to explain the man’s many interests and accomplishments.

With that confusing introduction, we are now prepared to have a look at what Philyaw-Pulitzer is up to nowadays: testifying before the Georgia State Judiciary Subcommittee as an “inventor and pattern recognition expert.” You might have heard that tomorrow is a big day for Georgia (and the future of the American democratic experiment). Philyaw-Pulitzer has stepped up to do his part, and Gizmodo took notice with a post titled “Inventor Behind the Worst Gadget of All Time Jumps Onto Trump’s Sinking Voter Fraud Ship.” If that seems harsh, the Gizmodo post goes on to say, “Pulitzer has emerged like a shit-covered phoenix to cash in on yet another doomed misadventure: Trump’s increasingly desperate attempts to prove he didn’t lose the 2020 presidential election fair and square.”

“Shit-covered phoenix” just seems super mean. Here’s video of Philyaw-Pulitzer talking to the Georgians. In his defense, I’ve never seen a shit-covered phoenix who could match a tie and pocket square that dashingly.