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Jesuit Grad Gabs About New Novel Set in Dallas

Sean Desmond is kind of a big deal. So is Harry Hunsicker.
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Sean Desmond went to Jesuit before making his name in book publishing. He’s now the publisher of Twelve, an imprint of Grand Central. He’s also got a new novel out called Sophomores. The dust jacket blurb:

It’s fall 1987 and life as normal is ending for the Malone family. With their sterile Dallas community a far cry from the Irish-American Bronx of their youth, Pat and Anne Malone have reached a breaking point. Pat, faced with a debilitating MS diagnosis, has fallen into his drinking. Anne, his devoutly Catholic wife, is selected as a juror for a highly publicized attempted murder trial, one that raises questions — about God, and about men in power — she has buried her entire life. Together, they try to raise their only son, Daniel, a bright but unmotivated student who is shocked into actual learning by an enigmatic English teacher. For once, Dan is unable to fly under the radar, and is finally asked to consider what he might want to make of his life.

Tonight at 6, Desmond will do a Facebook Live chat with Dallas’ own Harry Hunsicker, whose authorial career Desmond launched when he bought Harry’s debut novel, Still River. Interabang is the host. You can catch the event here. Harry promises there will be lots of coarse language and tales of cocaine-fueled book publishing debauchery. (I made up that last part. But, still, I bet it’ll be worth your time.)

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