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Leading Off (12/11/20)

Expect a chilly, rainy Friday morning.
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More About the Seven Police Finalists. Here is The News on your next police chief, which includes a little more biographical information about the candidates. Meanwhile, in Milwaukee, the selection committee remained deadlocked on its decision for top cop, which includes Dallas Maj. Malik Aziz. He’s also a finalist here, for a second time. Here is the Charlottesville Daily Progress finalist on RaShall Brackney, who is currently chief there. And here is the San Jose Mercury News on outgoing chief Eddie Garcia, who is a finalist here. All the rest are from Dallas or Irving.

Police Now Suspect Foul Play in Case of Missing Seattle Woman. Marisela Botello Valadez went missing after leaving a bar in Deep Ellum in October. She missed her flight home the next day and never returned to the apartment where she was staying. Now, after two months, the police department says she’s likely a victim of foul play. The person she was last seen with, Charles Beltran, has also not been spotted since her disappearance; he remains a person of interest, not a suspect.

State Changes A-F Accountability Ratings. The Texas Education Agency isn’t ready to ditch the STAAR test, but next year won’t grade schools on an A-F scale because of the pandemic. Dallas ISD, like other school districts, is seeing a major drop in learning for math.

Cold Front Coming. Expect showers through the morning as temperatures slowly drop into the 50s by tomorrow. You’re looking at a bright Saturday and a cloudy Sunday with highs of 58 and 46, respectively. 

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