Two VERY handsome men at the Old Monk's 20th anniversary celebration, in 2018

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No! The Old Monk Will NOT Reopen Quietly!

Not if I have anything to do with it.

BREAKING: Today at 3, the Old Monk reopened, exactly six months after the day it closed in response to the pandemic. Well, there was a brief reopening awhile back. That lasted two weeks. Then a member of the staff came down with COVID-19, and the Monk closed again. So we are just going to keep things simple and go with six months.

What has the crew been doing these past six months? I texted that hard-hitting question to owner Feargal McKinney, the finest Irishman in all of East Dallas. His response: “Staff look like they have been working out, living healthy, and getting tattoos.”

I asked him a follow-up question: “Would you have gone for it on fourth down?”

Feargal’s answer: “Not good with sports analogies.” Time passed. He updated his response: “Just got clarity on football question. Would have gone for it. So I guess I was not watching football for last six months.”

He also added: “I’d prefer not to be on record or quoted, just want to open quietly.”

NO! You know what else, Feargal? Hell no!

The Monk is open, people. Let there be rejoicing. This might be where 2020 turns around. Here’s the full release that was emailed just a few minutes before 3 p.m.:

We are very excited to be reopening The Old Monk today at 3pm!

There will be a few changes to keep both you and our crew safe, but we promise the same warm welcome and pub atmosphere.

• Capacity will be limited, we have removed many tables and will adhere to 50% of capacity for inside areas.

• We have introduced dividers on the bars and between tables for greater separation, some images below. Some areas now look like the “snugs” in traditional Irish pubs. (If you recognize the stained glass dividers, it’s because they came out of Idle Rich).

• We have added a “park-let” that gives a little extra outdoor space (photos above).

• Hours are slightly changed for the first week or two, please see below.

Can’t wait to see everyone in the near future!

Feargal & Monk Crew


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