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State Fair of Texas

Gallery: Scenes From the Weirdest State Fair of Texas Ever

Fair Park gets ready for you to ... drive on through. Take a look at how eery it is as the State Fair of Texas prepares to welcome families in their cars..
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Jason Janik

Gallery: Scenes From the Weirdest State Fair of Texas Ever

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Every September and October, photographer Jason Janik sends me a single photo from each day at the State Fair of Texas. What emerges is a really neat view of the people that populate Fair Park for three weeks out of the month. This year, you’ll probably get photos of people in their cars.

Starting today, Fair Park is now probably the world’s largest drive-thru. (That fact also tells you how badly it needs green space.) Each weekend, you can buy a ticket to take your car through the “fairgrounds.” There are Midway games you can play from your car. There will be live music in the distance. There are food and photo packages, so you and your family can remember this most dystopian of times.

The State Fair can accommodate 50,000 cars each day. That’s well below the 2.5 million that pour into Fair Park every year, but I think we can all agree it’s great news for the vendors and whatever staff will be able to work this thing and make some money. Don’t worry: Smokey John’s and Fletcher’s are both on the menu.

Janik was at Fair Park yesterday and snapped the photos in the below gallery. Things look empty and sad and weird. But the goat show still happened. We have to take our normal however we can get it.

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