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We Should Still Sell DFW Airport

A new article in The Atlantic explores the idea on a national scale.
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Back in March 2019, D Magazine published a cover story in which Joe Guinto laid out the argument for selling DFW Airport. We aren’t the only magazine intrigued by the idea. Joe looked at the concept on a national level, and today The Atlantic published his story. A taste:

“If any U.S. city wanted to do a deal for its airport, there’d be a line of investors down the block tomorrow,” says DJ Gribbin, an infrastructure consultant who was the architect of the Trump administration’s 2018 plan to repair America’s aging roads, bridges, tunnels, and, also, airports. “There are literally hundreds of billions of dollars sloshing around investment markets wanting to invest in U.S. infrastructure today,” Gribbin added.

With cities reeling from the pandemic, maybe this is an idea whose time has come.

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