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The Hottest Baby Name in All the Land: It’s Luka!

I might need to get my vasectomy reversed so I can get in on this trend.
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Can my Slovenian son help you?

Is it possible to put up a Luka Dončić post every single day for the rest of the season? We might find out.

Today’s tip is at 5:30. The contest is with the Trailblazers. When you’re watching, look for a baby among the virtual fans. He is 5 months old. He lives in Melissa. And his name is Luka Alexander — after the Slovenian superhero. In fact, more and more folks are naming their kids after Luka. The Athletic (sub req) reports that in 1975 only six babies born in the United States were named Luka. “However, the single largest increase in babies, specifically baby boys, named Luka came from 2017 to 2018, the year Dončić was drafted by the Mavericks. In 2017, there were 703 boys named Luka. That increased to 1,041 children named Luka in 2018, the last year data is available right now.”

Here’s Luka Alexander catching the Mavs-Bucks game: