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New EarBurner: D Photographer Elizabeth Lavin on Shooting a COVID Ward

What's it like photographing the inside of the units treating patients with COVID-19? We're glad you asked.
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Elizabeth Lavin

Elizabeth Lavin is our incredibly talented, singular staff photographer, without whom we wouldn’t be able to get a magazine out every month while we’ve all been locked inside. It certainly wouldn’t look as good as it does. Since the pandemic reached us in March, she’d been harboring the desire to get inside a hospital ward that was treating patients with COVID-19. UT Southwestern became that hospital. It makes sense. The researchers are creating models to help the public understand the potential risk to hospital capacity if they don’t mask up, distance themselves from others, and limit non-essential travel. Scientists have been digging into the disease, trying to figure ways to impede its development via new therapies. And an army of doctors and nurses and hospitalists and staffers actively treat patients on two floors of Clements Hospital.

Lavin got in there. She wore an N-95 mask and made sure she stayed away from surfaces. We put the story online yesterday, and I hope you’ll read it. I didn’t go into the units, but I did speak to the people who practice there. It was an honor to tell their stories and to share the pages with Lavin’s photos.

Anyway, below is a short EarBurner that Tim and Zac recorded with Lavin in Kathy Wise’s backyard—socially distant, of course. Read the story, look at the photos, then come back and listen to the podcast.

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