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Sports Illustrated Publishes #MeToo Allegations About Mavericks Exec

Tony Ronzone, the director of player personnel, denies he did anything wrong.
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Really, this post is meant mostly to acknowledge that the guy on our current cover, a man we’ve called a hero, finds himself today at the center of a story about an alleged sexual assault committed by one of his employees. Tony Ronzone is the director of player personnel. A woman unnamed by Sports Illustrated says he sexually assaulted her in a Las Vegas hotel room last summer. So, yes, that’s awkward for us. But we’ll just see what happens here. The SI story isn’t terribly clear on several points.

Why did the woman’s attorneys want the Mavs to sign NDAs before they’d share their affidavits? Did the woman’s attorneys initially want a settlement from the Mavs and then change their mind — or she changed her mind and hired different attorneys? Why did the woman engage Lisa Bloom, a lawyer who worked to discredit Harvey Weinstein’s accusers? And why does SI give the woman a pseudonym but then provide enough biographical details that anyone can figure out who she is? The Mavericks just moments ago released a lengthy statement that raises more questions.

We’ll sit tight for now and see how this develops. Along with you, we’re watching.

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