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FrontBurner Poll: Are You Ready to Send Your Kids Back to School?

And will schools even be open?
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Parents who are trying to follow the back-to-school guidelines set forth by President Donald Trump, U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, and Gov. Greg Abbott probably need to pop a Dramamine. It’s been a dizzying mess. Dallas ISD Superintendent Michael Hinojosa announced yesterday that an August 17 opening is “in jeopardy.” How in the middle of a pandemic do you create an environment for hundreds of school children to be safe, together, all day, indoors?

Yesterday, our sister publication People Newspapers reported about the pushback the Texas Education Agency has received about its guidance around reopening. The governor also said “if we continue to see COVID spreading the way it is right now, it may be necessary to employ that flexibility and use online learning.” The fate of the next STAAR test is also up in the air. This is all very much in flux.

FrontBurner parents, where are you on this? What are you hearing from your kids’ schools, and are you ready for the first day of drop-off?