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Are our coronavirus cases steadying?
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We Just Might Be Hitting a Plateau With Our COVID-19 Cases. Yesterday marked more than a week straight of new daily cases hovering around 235 or so. County Judge Clay Jenkins said those numbers are “promising,” but he says it somewhat hesitantly. Scientists are still nervous that a second spike could come this summer. UT Southwestern’s researchers warn that we could hit 800 new daily infections by June if we don’t take precautions and start seriously distancing from other people. Our current measures, with the opening of some businesses and more to come on Monday, are about 60 percent effective. Jump up to 65 percent, and we’ll steady at where we are through the rest of the year. Drop down to 57 percent, and we’re staring down those 800 new carriers a day. In response, Jenkins is trying to put more guidelines in place. He very clearly and slowly gave us our color chart to tell us what’s safe and what isn’t, and now he’s introducing a sort of business certification called “Stay Safe Business” for those that choose to follow their industry’s health guidelines.

More Openings Coming Monday. The bars are pissed that they can’t open yet or serve to-go while their restaurant counterparts can. And while it’s not clear what Abbott has planned for Monday, he’s going to allow some sectors of the economy to begin operating in some fashion. Sorry for being vague. Last time we were in this situation, the governor jumped his timetable and let barber shops and nail salons open immediately. So who knows? They all have soft teeth anyway, more suggestion than requirement.

Bankruptcy Coming for J.C. Penney. The up-down, up-down department store chain doesn’t look like it will be able to pay down its debt in the midst of the pandemic. Experts expect a filing to come any day now.

Expect Rain Tonight and Tomorrow Morning. There’s a 70 percent chance through the evening into tomorrow morning, but it tapers off after.

Congratulations Zac Crain. Our quietly productive senior editor apparently filed his manuscript for a book on Dirk Nowitzki, which, of course, will be titled I See You, Big German. It’ll be out on Deep Vellum’s La Reunion imprint whenever the next NBA season starts. I’m sure Zac will use this space to talk more about this, but until then, flood him with compliments. I can’t wait to read it. You can’t wait, either, so read his Boban profile in the meantime

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