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Hey, Dallas, Get Off Your Butts and Take the Census Already

As a city, so far we aren't exactly lighting this one up.
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Governor Quirinius registers Mary and Joseph for the census. But he's dead now, so you should get online and do it yourself.

Hey, Dallas, Get Off Your Butts and Take the Census Already

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Folks, the 2020 Census is a big deal. The results will determine where hundreds of billions of federal dollars get spent. Roads, public transportation, healthcare, schools, public safety — all those things are affected by census numbers. So it’s a bit disheartening to see that Dallas so far isn’t stepping up. In North Texas, Colleyville and Trophy Club have about an 80 percent household response rate. Nice! Looking at large cities, you’ve got San Jose at at 68 percent. All right. Austin is clipping along at 58 percent.

And Dallas? We are at 51 percent, just slightly ahead of Houston. Houston! This is a lousy effort. (Have a look at the rankings here.)

Look, it’s easy. Even if you threw away the code you were sent in the mail, you can still go to the 2020 Census website and get counted. It takes about five minutes. You can do it on your phone.

Here’s something else to think about: do you need a job? The census folks are hiring.

Get to it, people.