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Make Some Noise Today for the Helpers

If you'd only kept that vuvuzela.
By Tim Rogers |

Mayor Eric Johnson wants us to show some love tonight for the folks around us who are on the front lines, getting the hard work done. From his press release:

At 7 p.m. Thursday, you can help in a small but significant way. Step outside your front door for about 5 minutes to make some noise for healthcare workers, police, firefighters, park rangers, code officers, workers providing essential services, and all others who are helping the City of Dallas respond to the spread of the coronavirus.

During these five minutes, the city can show its collective appreciation for the people who deal with the stress of working while others stay home to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Heroes are among us, and they deserve to know they have supporters all around them.

Fort Worth has joined in, too, and my friend Mayor Betsy Price is helping us push for the entire North Texas region to take part.

I have to tell you that when I heard about this deal, I rolled my eyes. Not, like, a huge eye roll. But they were rolling. First, New York City is doing this every night. They borrowed the idea from the Italians. So I was kinda like, Aren’t we coming late to this trend? Then, second, not many parts of Dallas are dense enough for this to work. I don’t have any cops or doctors or firefighters on my block. What’s the point in cheering so that the Jazzercise instructor across the street can hear?

My mom set me straight. We were texting this morning. I expressed my dubiousness. (Dubiosity? Dubitiousness?) She wrote: “Who knows what helpers live in any neighborhood?” She’s right. Per usual. And, really, what’s the harm? Are the Italians going to make fun of us for coming late to the party?

So I’ll be out there tonight on my front steps, banging a pot or something, making some happy noise. I invite you to join me, wherever you live in North Texas.

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