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Love in the Time of COVID: A Whole Foods Angel

There are heroes all around us.
By Tim Rogers |

People are doing good stuff. You can find inspiration everywhere, even at the grocery store. If you have a story to tell, nominate a local hero at the link here. But now, here’s a story from a friend and reader who experienced some kindness at the Lakewood Whole Foods:

I forgot my wallet. I arrive with my bandana on at 7:30, thinking I have plenty of time to get what I need and get out by 8:00.

I pick up strawberries, blackberries, grapes, cilantro, serrano peppers, onions, baking potatoes, then go on to the meat counter. The guy’s not there. He’s still not there. I’m getting impatient. He’s still not there. I nervously check for my phone in my pocket for the time and realize my wallet is still on the dining room table. I’m in lockdown meltdown.

It’s 7:45 pm. I take my basket to the front, not wanting to have to unpack it and thinking I’ll ask someone if they close at 8 pm, even though I know they do right now. I dump my basket on the conveyor and the be-masked girl is about to turn her light on. I ask when they close. She tells me. I explain I’ve left my wallet at home. It’s 7 minutes there, 7 minutes back. I might make it, but…..

She peers at the basket and says, “Do you have iPay (or some such fancy shit that I’m not familiar with)

I say, “Er, no”

She says, “I’ll get it”

I say, “Really?” Thinking she means the store will get it.

She says, “Yeah, hold on. I have to get someone else to check it out.” She grabs another staff member and explains. The other woman mans the till and checks the items through. The girl comes around to my side and waves her phone at the screen and pays. They bag up my stuff and stick a receipt in the bag.

It came to $20.32.

The girl paid for it. Not the store. The girl.

She was wearing a mask. I’m honestly not sure which checkout girl it was. I know most of them by sight, but I’m not sure which one because of the mask. I don’t know if she knew me as a regular or not.

I said, “That’s just so nice of you,” and then left.

Outside, the sun was going down on the parking lot. Really beautiful sky.

How nice is that? I mean, they’re on the front line. How much do they get paid? Not very much.

It totally made my day. I was so touched by it.

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