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Dallas: The City of Random Acts of Kindness, Pt. 8

How a hotel's spring cleaning turned up 4,000 surgical masks.
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While cleaning out storage closets at the Dallas Marriott Suites last week, Bill Bretches, the hotel’s general manager, stumbled upon a forgotten stash of surgical masks.

“As travel has slowed, we’ve had some time at the hotel to get to a few of our ‘to do’ list items, including some very necessary spring cleaning of a few of our storage closets,” Bretches says. “In going through the linen closet, I discovered over 4,000 surgical masks tucked way back in one of our storage units which must have been left behind from a past conference or other initiative many years ago. Wow. The timing!”

Bretches reached out to several area hospitals, and UT Southwestern Medical Center and Children’s Health were quick to respond and pick up the masks. “We were really thrilled to have the opportunity to support our hard-working medical community,” he says.

Thanks to Bretches and the team at Dallas Marriott Suites for their fortuitous find and generous donation. Send more stories of RAOK to [email protected]


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