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Dallas: The City of Random Acts of Kindness, Pt. 10

Forget birthday caravan parades. Hello drive-by photo booths!
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Scot Redman and his wife Kristi are longtime contributors to D Magazine, and they are also the founders of MotusRED, an immersive 3D photo booth thingy that is extremely popular at D Mag events (full disclosure: the magazine’s CFO is also affiliated with MotusRED). And yeah, there aren’t many events at the moment. So Scot sent us a video to show us what he’s been up to. This is what he had to say about it:

We wanted to create something super cool for our friend Nikki’s 40th birthday party. It’s basically a drive through isolation booth complete with a plexiglass window, a two-way mic system, and a no touch photo sharing op. What we didn’t know is just how excited everyone would be to swing by in their cars and hang out and chat with Nikki, who they hadn’t seen in over three weeks, through the plexiglass. It was a a super cool scene! And not to mention a keepsake from a very unusual time. We’re excited to create some different themes for any weddings or celebrations coming up soon during this isolating time.

Not for nothing, but Tim Rogers’ 50th birthday is coming up in two weeks. I see infinite possibilities.

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