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Momentous Institute Will Hang in There Without Byron Nelson Tournament

One of the finest organizations in this city could use your help.
By Tim Rogers |

When the AT&T Byron Nelson was canceled, my first thought was: what does this mean to the Momentous Institute? If you don’t know that name, you should. They are the main beneficiary of the funds raised by the golf tournament, and they do some amazing work. I asked Jessica Trudeau, Momentous’ executive director, what the story was. Via email:

The tournament has historically been the primary fundraiser for Momentous Institute. Yes, it is a large portion of our budget and we are concerned about how this will affect the 5,500 children and families and thousands of professionals who rely on us for mental health and education services.

The 2020 AT&T Byron Nelson accounted for 14% of our projected revenue. Momentous Institute now faces an even greater critical need to increase revenue generated through Momentous Institute’s development efforts. That being said, we will have to work harder than ever to ensure we get critical mental health and education services we provide.

If you’re able, you can help them out here.

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