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Love in the Time of COVID: Social Distancing at White Rock Lake

A little time outdoors does the soul good.
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Photo by Tim Rogers

I’d been in the house too long. More to the point, I’d been out of the saddle too long. So yesterday evening I hopped on my bike and went for a loop around White Rock Lake. The air was heavy and humid, blowing from the southwest. Loving Hill, as always, was a lung-burning bit of hell. But, man, was it great to get the blood pumping. People were everywhere, doing normal people things. I saw a kid playing with an earthworm that had crawled from the oversaturated earth to find some air. A couple stood in a field for what looked to be an engagement photo. A reader in a hammock, book in hand. A lady practicing yoga on a mat.

And then I saw these two women on a park bench that had been overtaken by the lake. Between the two of them, there certainly wasn’t the requisite 6 feet. But I like to think they live together, and each knew the other was coronavirus-free. When they saw this bench, a wet walk from the shore, they knew they’d found their safe place. May we all be fortunate enough to do the same.

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