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Dallas: The City of Random Acts of Kindness, Pt. 7

Barbecue makes everything better.
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As a former 5-foot-2 high school point guard who got off the bench during, approximately, 1.25 games before the coach told me I should probably just be the team’s statistician, I appreciate the women’s game but don’t follow much of the men’s. I mostly ignore Zac Crain when he blathers on about the Mavericks. So when an alert FrontBurnian let me know that Mavs forward Justin Jackson bought 100 meals from Smokey John’s BBQ to feed Parkland’s medical staff, I had to google Justin Jackson.

And did I fall in love, or what? Just read about how he proposed to his basketball-playing high school sweetheart.

Jackson teamed up with Smokey John’s owners, Brent and Juan Reaves, to prepare and deliver the meals yesterday afternoon. Stop by this weekend to get one of their takeout specials for yourself.

Thanks, Parkland Hospital and Smokey John’s staff for making this city a safer and tastier place to be! Send more RAOK stories to [email protected]

Photo courtesy Smokey John’s Bar-B-Que

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