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Leading Off (2/28/20)

Meet the man who built the Leaning Tower of Dallas.
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We Had A Car Chase Last Night. It lasted 40 minutes. Five suspects stole an SUV in Old East Dallas and were spotted in Oak Cliff an hour later. Police deployed a helicopter, “several” squad cars, and got help from some Sheriff’s folks. It went mostly through residential areas, and the idiots got caught when they found a dead end.

Oh Man, WFAA Found the Leaning Tower’s Engineer. And he sounds proud as hell that Lloyd Nabors can’t tear down his building. Other things we should not try to tear down, because Datum Engineers did them: Parkland Hospital, the Dallas Holocaust Museum, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. The quotes rule: “So it’s sort of like the tree trunk of a tree. I mean, what came off is all the branches and the leaves. But the tree trunk is a little harder to bring down than the branches.”

Richardson Cop Killer Sentenced to Death. Brandon McCall, already guilty of capital murder, received his sentence yesterday in the murder of Richardson Officer David Sherrard.

It’s Going to Be in the 60s Today. It’s chilly in the morning, but we’re heating up into a mild weekend

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