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How That Choctaw Ad Wound Up on the Leaning Tower of Dallas

Kudos to the Richards Group.
By Tim Rogers |

Can we post too many items about the Leaning Tower of Dallas? NO!

You’ve probably heard about the Choctaw ad that got projected on the tower Tuesday night. Perhaps, though, you didn’t know that the Richards Group, right across Central Expressway from the tower, was responsible for that guerrilla marketing. Here’s an article from a trade publication that says the move is a strong contender for “ad placement of the year.”

I’ve heard from someone who works at the Richards Group that the agency didn’t ask for permission to do this. The projection was shut down by cops after it had been up for a couple hours. Richards Group spokeswoman Meghan McPartland confirmed that for me. What I heard but McPartland wouldn’t comment on is that Lloyd Nabors Demolition didn’t think the ad was very funny and has made some noise about suing Choctaw, which is a sovereign nation. Good luck with that.

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