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Watch: Flat Earthers Come to Dallas, Make Thoughtful, Well-Reasoned Points About NASA, Number of Dimensions

Dave Nye the lyin’ guy? Total clown. Flat gang, baby!
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Look. Am I a little concerned this headline will invite some horrid discussion in the comments? To be honest, sure I am. To be more honest, I invite the chaos. This has been too serious a first week back.

I haven’t landed on a favorite line from the below, absolute gem of a dispatch from the International Flat Earth Conference, which was released this week (the conference took place on November 14 and 15, and although all the materials say Dallas, it was technically in Frisco). Several made me chuckle. But I know that I have an early contender for favorite catchphrase of 2020. I’m going to shout it at Matt next time I fly by on a scooter.

Flat gang, baby!