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WFAA’s David Schechter Goes to Alaska to Explore Climate Change

His Verify Road Trip segments are some of the best local TV being produced.
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Schechter (right) in Alaska with a scientist and a local guy (center) learning about climate change.

I’ve given David Schechter some shine before (on the far right in the above pic). The ABC Channel 8 reporter does a series called Verify that is unlike anything else being produced on local television. For a two-part series that just aired, he took a climate-change skeptic all across the state and then to Alaska to talk to experts and see for himself how the planet is changing. It’s wild — and commendable — that in an age of shrinking budgets Channel 8 is funding something as ambitious as Schechter’s series. Poynter has taken note of it. You should check it out. Here are the first and second parts of the climate change series.

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