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Dallas: The City That Hates Pedestrians, Pt. 34

Doo ta doo ta doo, just enjoying this nice stroll on the sidewOH MY GOD.
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You'll want to stay away from this (now closed) death trap between Trinity Groves and Commerce Street in West Dallas. Via Google Maps

Dallas: The City That Hates Pedestrians, Pt. 34

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In theory, pedestrians in West Dallas should have no problem making the walk from Trinity Groves to Commerce Street, perhaps returning from lunch to one of the area’s new apartment buildings. That walk, using Beckley Avenue as the connector, is only about a mile long. But Dallas doesn’t seem to want anyone making it.

Bouncing around on Twitter, we get yet another glimpse at our city’s disdain for foot traffic. This one is sewn into the street design. As seen above on North Beckley, between Singleton and Commerce, a sidewalk suddenly disappears into the narrowest of dirt pathways just as traffic flies around a blind corner. Hat tip to Thomas Bamonte for pointing this out, and for the (quite telling) video:

Now, if you’re a walker who happens upon this scenario: What do you do? Do you turn around, hoof it back up Beckley to Singleton, walk the half mile west to Sylvan, and then cut over to Commerce? Of course you don’t. Do you cross the street to the other (sidewalk-less) side? Squeeze around the corner and pray for the best? Call an Uber?

None are good options.

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