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White Rock Lake Now Has a Beach Made of Guano

Dallas: big things happen here
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If you spend any time at White Rock, you know things aren’t going well. Thanks to apathy and mismanagement, the lake is shrinking and getting more shallow. From the bottom, it is silting up. From the top, about 1,000 acre feet of water recently drained out of the lake because the city didn’t keep up with some simple maintenance. I put up a post about some of this last week. You’ll have to forgive me for continuing to hammer the issue.

Yesterday I rode past Sunset Bay and discovered that not everyone seems as bummed as I am about the lake’s decline. I spotted this family taking advantage of the newly created beach. The mom pushed a stroller to the water’s edge while one of her kiddos followed with a long rake and a bucket (I’m guessing, obviously, about the relationships among the people). I’m not sure what the rake was for. I fear it was to harvest some sort of edible critter from the muck. Keep in mind that the stuff they were walking on is a mixture of fecal material and silt laced with all manner of contaminants courtesy of our neighbors to the north. Playing in it doesn’t seem like a good idea. Digging food out of it strikes me as downright dangerous.

Once again: this is one of Dallas’ biggest assets. And we’re letting it go to hell. 

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