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Miguel Solis Joins Coalition for a New Dallas as Deputy Director

Former mayoral candidates unite!
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For the past few weeks, Miguel Solis has been camping on the free wifi in the kitchen area at D Magazine, his laptop open, clacking away. The first time I saw him, I think he was wearing his Astros cap (boo). Every so often, I’d ask him what he was up to. He had two responses. Either 1) he’d say, “Leave me alone. I’m working on something.” Or 2) he would distract me by suggesting a topic for a funny FrontBurner post that likely would have gotten me fired. Today Solis’ chair in the kitchen area is empty, but this press release from Allyn Media arrived in my inbox. It announces that Solis is now the deputy director of the Coalition for a New Dallas.

At this point, they might as well rename the thing the Coalition of Former Mayoral Candidates. Solis joins Larry Casto, who is the executive director of the outfit, and Lynn McBee, who is a co-chair. All three ran for mayor this last go-round.

I asked Solis if his duties for the Coalition will allow him the time to continue to serve on the Dallas ISD School Board. His texted response: “Yes.”

There you have it, folks. Go, Cowboys! Oh, also: go, FC Dallas!

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