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MFFLs, Get Your D Magazine Dirk Poster Right Here

Folks, you're not going to find this anywhere else.
By Tim Rogers |

True story: a couple weeks ago, a mom sent us an email saying that her son was the biggest MFFL ever and that he loved Dirk. She wanted to know if there was some way she could buy a poster version of our August Dirk cover. At the time, all we could say was: “Huh, that’s not a bad idea. We should have thought of that earlier.”

Folks, we got our act together. Now we can say: “Mom, you want the blue or the white Dirk cover? We’ll ship you an 18-by-24 poster today for your little MFFL.”

We might be a little slow, but we eventually get there. Thanks for your patience. And thanks to the Big German for 21 seasons of beautiful fadeaways.





















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