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Read Our Feature About (Likely) the First Integrated Golf Course in North Texas

Sunset Golf Center had a personality all its own.
Sunset Golf Center
David Halloran

A decade or so ago, whenever it was that I first met the writer, artist, and activist Laray Polk, she mentioned, as an aside, that her family owned a golf course. I was intrigued. Mostly because I wondered if I could leverage our relationship into getting some free golf.

Over the years, Laray would tell me stories about the golf course and the cast of characters who played there. With each story, I became less interested in playing the course and more interested in getting Laray to write about it. And over the years, Laray always demurred. No, no, she told me. I didn’t understand. It was complicated.

But then, one day not long ago, Laray told me they were selling the course. Aha! Now the story could be told.

Laray is married to Jack Mims, another artist. It is his family that for years owned Sunset Golf Club in Grand Prairie, likely the first integrated track in North Texas. Longtime contributor (and excellent golfer) Curt Sampson hit this one right down the center of the fairway. The story went online today.