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New EarBurner: Cora Jakes Coleman Is a Ferocious Warrior

The daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes has a following of her own.
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Cora Jakes Coleman, center, pictured with Executive Editor Kathy Wise and Editor Tim Rogers.

Cora Jakes Coleman’s time with us at the Old Monk was her fifth interview of the day. You wouldn’t have guessed it. She was far more animated than anyone else in the bar, gleefully sharing stories of growing up in the Potter’s House, the megachurch run by her father, Bishop T.D. Jakes. She also spoke of car crashes, infertility, adoption, gladiator flicks, and how no family is safe from the stressors and challenges of the world—not even her own. There is a lot stuffed into half an hour.

Jakes Coleman has just published her second book, Ferocious Warrior: Dismantle Your Enemy and Rise. (Spoiler: the sword on the cover is not real.) It goes into far more detail about the above than the podcast, but this will give you an idea of her voice. You won’t soon forget it. Show notes after the jump.


1. The original Potter’s House is in southeast Dallas on Kiest. But it’s since expanded to locations in North Dallas, Fort Worth, Denver, and Los Angeles.

2. The formatting on this story is a bit wonky because it was published in 2004 on one of the previous iterations of D Magazine Dot Com, but you can read Tim’s profile of T.D. Jakes right here.

3. Coleman is the spiritual advisor to a number of celebrities, including Tamar Braxton.

4. Here is Coleman’s YouTube channel, where you can watch passionate sermons but also learn her thoughts about something called “fat cream.” The latter is in this video, which also includes how she likes her grits.

5. Coleman got into a car wreck and then found out she had polycystic ovary syndrome, an imbalance of reproductive hormones that often results in infertility. You can learn more about it here.

6. And, yes, Tim, “PK” is a well-known term for Preacher’s Kid. It even has its own Wikipedia page.

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