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Suzy Batiz Proves Professional and Spiritual Growth Can Be One and the Same

The Poo-Pourri and Supernatural founder isn’t sacrificing her soul for success. Quite the opposite.
By Caitlin Clark |
Suzy Batiz
Elizabeth Lavin

Suzy Batiz, founder of Poo-Pourri (which you’ve almost certainly heard of) and Supernatural (which you almost certainly will hear of), has a fascinating backstory, characterized by multiple bankruptcies, a tumultuous first marriage, and a rise to massive success that’s indebted to a viral video called “Girls Don’t Poop.”

I got to speak to Batiz about all of the above for D CEO’s latest issue. We also touched on her recent lawsuit with Air Wick (which launched a shockingly similar product to Poo-Pourri called V.I.Poo back in 2016) and how it felt to see a five-month supply of her eco-friendly, essential oils-based natural cleaner sell out on Gwyneth Paltrow’s in under two hours.

But, for me, the most interesting moments in our conversation—and the pieces that ended up forming the backbone of my new profile on Batiz—were in reference to where she is today: traveling to speak about how business and spirituality merge. “People know me as an entrepreneur, but really, my personal development and spiritual path is much more important to me,” says Batiz. “It’s not all about success and money, it’s about what I’m learning. Am I growing? Am I a better person? Am I more connected to my divine self as the business grows?”

It makes sense for a woman whose latest brand could help revolutionize the often toxin- and pollutant-filled world of (ironically) cleaning products, potentially saving lives in the process. You can read more from our conversation in the profile, online today.

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