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Lynn McBee Becomes Co-Chair of Coalition for a New Dallas

Question: how many former mayoral candidates will this organization hire?

Here’s how these things happen, just so you know. The Coalition for a New Dallas, the super PAC co-founded by Wick Allison, chairman of D Magazine Partners, makes a big move. Does Wick walk down the hall and give me the heads-up, let me know what’s going on in the city we cover, perhaps tell me I should schedule a post for a certain time and date? No. I get the same press release everyone else receives. Today I got one saying that Lynn McBee, the former mayoral candidate, is now the co-chair (alongside Wick) of CND. I’ll give you some of the press release. Then I’ll share some thoughts about McBee. I’ll wrap up with some advice for her.

From the Release:
“Running for Mayor gave me a whole new perspective on our city, and new ideas on how to bridge communities and inspire engagement and change. Many of our city’s most significant transformations — like the medical corridor and the Arts District — have been accomplished through public-private collaboration and engagement of the philanthropic community. This new role provides a meaningful opportunity to engage the private philanthropic community in meaningful issues that can transform our city for future generations,” said Lynn McBee.

As Co-Chair, McBee will bring a new voice and a new focus to the organization, focusing on existing goals like evolving our urban core through the redevelopment of the I-345 corridor and improving access to transit by strategic changes at DART, along with new issues that were top-of-mind during the mayoral discussion like addressing food deserts and housing needs, and leading an effort to secure and build a new police academy for Dallas Police.

My Thoughts:
When Lynn McBee announced that she was running for mayor, I thought she was the least qualified candidate in the field (all due respect to Alyson Kennedy). It appeared she’d moved to Dallas from Highland Park just so she could run. In an early interview with our own Matt Goodman that he never published, she asked him a surprising number of questions about issues facing the city, stuff you’d hope a candidate would have her arms around.

Then, a couple months later, she popped on our podcast. She’d clearly done her homework in the interim. I got similar assessments from other people who’d talked with McBee immediately after her announcement and then again later in the campaign. She didn’t just raise a lot of money. She raised her own awareness.

My Advice:
Lynn — can I call you Lynn? Don’t be like Larry Casto. The former city attorney and mayoral candidate has also signed up with CND. As a result, I frequently see him around the office, because CND is always taking up our conference rooms to scheme their progressive schemes. Larry likes to drink coffee. I like to drink coffee. We see each other in the kitchen, near the coffee. And every time I see Larry, he is way overdressed for the D Magazine office. All suited up, necktie knotted tight.

Lynn, don’t do that. When you come up to the office, sneakers and jeans are fine. Flats and a fun sundress, if you’re feeling it.

I look forward to our future collaborations in coffee making.