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Here Is an Interactive Map of Every Murder in Dallas This Year

Sortable by month, it shows the severe uptick since the beginning of May.
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The red marks represent murders in May. Courtesy of

Here Is an Interactive Map of Every Murder in Dallas This Year

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Since the number of murders last month hit a level Dallas hadn’t seen since the 1990s, there have been some calls on social media for a map of where the killings happened. Robert Mundinger—a name you might recognize—has now answered the call.

Over at Robert’s site, TheMap, he’s put together a visualization of Dallas’ 2019 murders, color-coded and sortable by month. Click into one, you’ll find media coverage of the incident. Robert has also added a “DPD Reported Homicides” option, which adds marks on the map where police data indicates a homicide. You’ll notice there is not always direct overlap between the media reports and DPD’s data—all methods have their drawbacks—but taking both together provides a fairly comprehensive picture. (Robert is also inviting people to add to it; he addresses how in this tutorial.)

Explore the map here.

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