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We Missed You Last Night at Our Happy Hour With an Agenda

Go, beer!
By Tim Rogers |

Here’s what I can recall from last night’s Happy Hour With an Agenda, which was held at Peticolas brewing and featured a lively discussion with Barrett Tillman, Mark Melton, and Michael Peticolas, moderated by yours truly:

1. Minutes before the evening got underway in earnest, Michael learned that the Wholesale Beer Distributors of Texas had come out in support of the beer-to-go bill. “Ebullient” is the word I’d used to describe him. This is really big news for brewers. Michael allowed that this development makes it more likely that he’ll begin bottling and/or canning his beer. A vote in the Senate could come as early as tomorrow.

2. Taco Stop is dang good. They catered the event. Highly recommended.

3. Michael is a known soccer fan, and Peticolas brews beers that are named in honor of the various countries that host the World Cup (e.g., Thrilla in Brazilla). So I asked the panel what Michael should name the beer that he will surely brew in honor of the upcoming Tottenham victory over Liverpool in the Champions League final. Mark offered the following name: Rogers on His Knees. This needs to happen.

4. Brian Brown from Beer in Big D says there are 70 breweries in North Texas, and about 30 more are in development. People, that’s 100 craft breweries. We all need to redouble our (responsible) drinking efforts.

5. You should attend the next Happy Hour With an Agenda.

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