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The Athletic Picks Up on the Brilliant Idea to Rename Houston Street Nowitzki Way

Let's make this happen.
By Tim Rogers |

The Athletic put up a story yesterday about something that happened on our EarBurner podcast with Miguel Solis. Solis asked me what in the city should be named after Dirk. I said we should rename the entire city: Dirk, Texas. Matt Goodman had a slightly less ambitious idea: rename Houston Street. Or at least the part of it that runs by the AAC. Solis swore that if he is elected mayor, he’ll make it happen. And then Tim Cato over at the Athletic wrote about it all. You’ll need a subscription, alas. But here’s a taste:

Sure, it might be the first time city council legislation was birthed on a podcast. But while Solis has many more thoughts about solving political problems impacting the city of Dallas, he’s not kidding about this.

“It may have started off as a cast-aside joke on a podcast,” Solis told the Athletic. “But the spirit behind [it is] absolutely real.”

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