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Noted Golf Writer Bill Nichols on ‘The Byron’ vs. ‘The Nelson’

Time to appeal to a Higher Authority.
By Tim Rogers |

FrontBurner today has largely dedicated itself to matters of golf. This makes me happy. Earlier I did my best to explain why you shouldn’t call the tournament “the Byron.” Kathy did her best to make the case for why you should. Zac chimed in with this joke that I think I understand. Well, I’ve appealed to Bill Nichols, the former DMN golf writer (whose Twitter feed informs us that Tony Romo just chipped in for eagle on No. 7). Here’s what Bill says on the matter:

“I have always called it ‘the Nelson,’ and when people say ‘the Byron,’ I think they just moved here. Actually, ‘the Byron’ is definitely used by the younger generation. Jordan Spieth, tourney poster child, calls it ‘the Byron,’ so there’s that. Also, it seems that fans who come to see golf call it ‘the Nelson’; pavilionaires [ed: genius neologism] call it ‘the Byron.’ I think you’re on to something big here!”

Bottom line: I’m not just right. I am the most right.

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