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Don’t Call It ‘The Byron’

Show some respect, people.
By Tim Rogers |

Is this the third consecutive post today about the golf tournament? Why yes it is. It’s golf, people! This stuff is important. (At which point noted tennis freak Kathy Wise rolls her eyes at me.)

After I put up the post about Tony Romo, our Twitter account sent out a link and referred to the tournament as “the Byron.” No, no, no. I had to storm over to the part of our office where the internet happens and slap a person in the face — on both cheeks — with a golf glove.

As a public service, I will clear this up for you. The full name of the tournament that Tony Romo will not win (and probably not even make the cut for) is the AT&T Byron Nelson. I mistakenly referred to it as the AT&T Byron Nelson Championship. It used to be a championship. Way back, it was a classic. Now it’s just the AT&T Byron Nelson. But no matter what, it is not the “the Byron.” If you shorten the name, it’s “the Nelson.” Would you call the President George Bush Turnpike “the George”? Would you call the the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center “the Morton”?

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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