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Come Drink Free Beer at Peticolas Brewing Company

If you have plans for Wednesday, cancel them.
By Tim Rogers |

Every so often we do something called Happy Hour With an Agenda. The event goes like this: we have a happy hour. And to keep things interesting, we have an agenda. I don’t mean to over-explain the thing. Sometimes I do that.

Anyway, this Wednesday, May 15, we are having a Happy Hour With an Agenda at Peticolas Brewing, from 6 to 8 p.m. We’ll have snacks, and we’ll have beer. And the agenda? We’ll talk about the ongoing efforts to make Texas a better place for beer (a lawsuit before the Supreme Court to break the stranglehold that distributors have on craft brewers, the so-called “beer to go” bill working its way through the Lege, etc.). We’ll talk about big national brewers buying up local craft brews. We’ll talk about what even “craft brew” means these days. Plus, are we sick of IPAs yet? Maybe we’ll even take questions from the audience. Our conversationalists will be:

Michael Peticolas, the man who fought City Hall so that breweries could do their thing in the city of Dallas; Barrett Tillman, owner of Black Man Brew and the man we called “the mad scientist of sour beer”; and Mark Melton, a partner at Holland & Knight and co-owner of Mac’s Southside.

If you are down with all this, you need to jump to it. It’s free, but you have to RSVP.

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