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Call It ‘The Byron’

Tim Rogers is wrong.
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After an extensive discussion with Tim Rogers at the end of which he was soundly trounced but refused to accept defeat, I submit the following.

Kathy Wise’s Rule of Naming:

1. When a first name is also a last name, the event/road/entity may be referred to by the first name. Examples: The Byron, Woodrow, Booker T.

2. However, when the first name is also a last name, but the name is a ubiquitous first name, the event/road/entity shall go by the first and last name. Example: Harry Hines

3. In the event that the last name is ubiquitous and/or has a secondary meaning, the event/road/entity shall go by its complete name. Examples: Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, George Bush Turnpike

Prove me wrong.

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