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Gov. Greg Abbott Does Not Appear To Be Happy with DA John Creuzot’s Reforms

Abbott seems none too pleased about the direction of the Dallas County District Attorney's Office.
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Billy Surface

Last week, our Shawn Shinneman wrote about a memo that serves as the first official look at what the district attorney’s office will look like under John Creuzot. First time marijuana cases will be dismissed, as will prosecutions for theft of personal items less than $750 “committed out of necessity.” That got the attention of the Dallas Morning News’ editorial board, which wrote that this “has the potential to send the wrong message about our tolerance for any crime in this county.”

Here’s where we tag in Abbott:

Which was a pretty good way to goad someone into responding, which of course they did.

I’m sure this won’t be the last time Creuzot draws the governor’s ire during his time in office. Also on the DA’s list? Bail reform, lessening probation periods, dismissing criminal trespassing, and spiking prosecutions of “trace”—less than .01 grams—amounts of drugs.

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