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Third Candidate Announces Bid to Replace Mark Clayton in District 9

Erin Moore has entered the race.
By Shawn Shinneman |
Erin Moore for Dallas

An Alert D Briefian—subscribe, baby!—points out we’ve missed one of the candidates for District 9 on the City Council. Let’s make that up right now. Erin Moore is running.

Moore is up against Paul Sims, Parks Board member until his recent resignation and husband to former Councilwoman Angela Hunt, and Paula Blackmon, who served as chief of staff to Mike Rawlings and was running Larry Casto’s mayoral campaign until Casto dropped from the race.

Winner gets Mark Clayton’s vacated spot. Clayton said in January that he wouldn’t run for a third term. Council incumbents usually win their bids for re-election, so it’s probably fair to say the well-liked Clayton’s decision is attracting a few more folks to the ballot.

A resident of District 9 for nearly three decades, Moore is the chief of staff to Dallas County Commissioner Theresa Daniel. She’s also a former president of Stonewall Democrats for Dallas, a political organization that works on behalf of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community.

In a note announcing her bid, she writes of maintaining the heart and diversity of District 9, which surrounds White Rock Lake, even as its real estate has become more attractive and expensive. She calls for more funding to “preserve, maintain, and dredge” the lake, an item that will get some support around these parts.

My main issue is that Moore isn’t named Pauline, which would’ve presented a nice Paul v. Paula v. Pauline rumble. Had her wife, Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance President Patti Fink, run instead, we would’ve had Paul v. Paula v. Patti, which rings. But as Chance the Rapper says, sometimes the truth don’t rhyme.

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