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Poll: Pick Your Favorite 1970s Dallas Haircut

Let us crown a champion of the many glorious 'dos from SMU's old WFAA collection.

You might’ve heard about the current mission of SMU’s G. William Jones Film and Video Collection by now. Over the last two-ish years, a couple people have been working through a stock of old WFAA footage, putting it into digital format and sharing clips along the way. Much of it is illuminating. Some of it is sort of beautiful. I pulled some highlights here.

What nobody has done yet though is given us a compilation of the many, many splendiferous haircuts inside these hours of footage from 1970s Dallas. Or even better, tried to pick the greatest haircut of all. Let’s give that a shot.

Here are some of the most stylish, out-there, purely ’70s cuts in the selection. Pay attention to the accompanying letters, and then help us pick a winner at the end. Your choices:

This wooly fellow, who was working on breaking a world flagpole sitting record (Selection A):

This gentleman who has some wispy-ness accompanying his sizable chops (Selection B): 

This woman with the criss-cross formation (C):

This man, who got tossed form Goff’s Hamburgers for having long hair (D):

WFAA’s Jim Green, who has a mustache that is too light for his head of hair, and who is actually reporting on mustaches in this clip (E):

This woman getting into a car downtown, whose hair is taller than her head (F):

This guy, who is more hair than face (G):

This woman who has a basketball on her head (H):

This fella in the middle, watching Nixon resign with a sort of dog-eared shag happening. Only 60 percent sure this isn’t my father (I):

This reporter, who is judging you while you judge her (J):

This guy, with the enviable shades (K):

Or is it this gent, who just waited out a line to score Zeppelin tickets (L):