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‘Nature Guy’ Steve Smith Misses Mayoral Ballot by 26 Signatures

He's since declared himself a write-in.
By Shawn Shinneman |

Prospective mayoral candidate Stepen Smith fell 26 signatures short of the required 216 registered voters needed to appear as a candidate for Dallas mayor. Smith, who was running on a platform to bring a 10,000-acre Trinity Nature Park to the city, was evidently set to appear on the ballot as “Steve (the Nature Guy) Smith.” That’s what appeared on his application, which was sent to us Monday in response to an open records request.

The day we reported he didn’t meet the signatures requirement, Smith put out a press release saying he was “formally a write-in candidate” for mayor. He spoke at a campaign forum that evening, but the Facebook for his candidacy now appears to be inactive. Smith is the founder of Smith Group Asset Management. He’s gotten into hot water previously for clearing a trail in the Trinity Forest without permission.

I’m not sure how many names are on this petition, and the city didn’t expand on whether it fell short numbers-wise or if some of the signatures were for whatever reason rejected. A total of 190 of the signees were deemed valid.

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