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Leading Off (02/18/19)

This is unrelated to just about everything, but on Sunday I ate dates for the first time, and I really enjoyed it. Just wanted to lighten things up before we get into this.
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The Body of Alfonso Rodriguez Found at White Rock Lake. The 28-year-old disappeared from Grand Prairie on February 5, along with his estranged girlfriend, Weltzin Mireles. A dive team and Grand Prairie police are still searching for Mireles, 26, who had obtained a protective order against Rodriguez about a week prior. They had a 3-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter.

Luka Doncic Has Delightful All-Star Weekend. I don’t know what Dallas did to deserve possibly getting two decades of this basketball angel. We have basically gone from Dirk Nowitzki, the most likable European player ever, to the guy who looks like he will challenge Dirk, the most likable European player ever, for the title of most likable European player ever. It’s amazing that we have been blessed with my Slovenian son, and very convenient for me, his father. Wait …

Could Dirk Come Back for a 22nd Season? According to his press conference, maybe!

Are You Running for Dallas Mayor? Better check this to make sure. As for me, I am not running but I did reconsider that stance for a few minutes last week, with the short-lived idea being that I would get the signatures (honestly, that wouldn’t have been a sure thing for me, given what happened last time) and file the paperwork and then do pretty much nothing else at all after that. No mayoral forums or debates, no yard signs, maybe a website if I could get my domain back from the guy in Brazil. I wouldn’t even really tweet about it. But then I thought better of it. Guys, I’m growing up. Maybe I’m grown up?

Here is a Full Recap of the Brittany Dawn Saga. I had never heard of the local fitness influencer until maybe three days ago and I will probably forget in three days, but right now I — and I think at least a few people — are right in the sweet spot of being interested in her story. If anyone wants an accountability coach or daily workout motivation or whatever, I’ll send you an email every day for free. Just hit me up at [email protected] and we will get started.

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