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Heavy Hitters Solicit Cash for Mayoral Candidate Eric Johnson

Let the conspiracy theories begin!
By Tim Rogers |

Wylie H. Dallas tweeted yesterday a partial picture of a fundraiser mailing in support of State Rep. Eric Johnson, who is running for mayor. It was signed by some big names: Peter Beck, Richard Collins, Doug Deason, Forrest Hoglund, Ray Hunt, Maggie Murchison, Mike Myers, Jeanne Phillips, George Seay III, and Randall Stephenson. (I’m not giving you links for each of those names because I respect you too much to do that.) Here’s the text of the letter, followed by a few thoughts from yours truly:

Dallas must continue to move forward. We have benefited from strong leadership in the past, and we need such leadership now more than ever. In our view, Eric Johnson will bring Dallas together to address the serious issues facing our city. He will also be creative, strategic, and focused in his desire to lead Dallas into the future. Eric’s focus on workforce readiness, public education, crime reduction, economic development, and infrastructure will be an asset to our city.

The race is short. Eric has a strong voter base cultivated over the past 10 years, which will certainly help him in his bid to become the next mayor of Dallas. However, there is likely to be a runoff and the sooner we can get financing in place for Eric, the better. Election Day is May 4, 2019, with early voting beginning on April 22, 2019. The runoff election will be June 8, 2019, if necessary.

Please join us in giving the maximum amount allowed by law:

$5,000 per individual
$10,000 per couple
$10,000 per PAC

Many of us were originally planning to wait and engage only in the seemingly inevitable June 8 runoff. However, it is critical that we have a strong, business-minded candidate whom we can support. In our view, Eric Johnson is that candidate.

We have included Eric’s biography and the laws pertaining to raising money for this race.

We ask that you give strong consideration to helping elect Eric Johnson our next mayor, by sending in a generous contribution today.

My first thought is that LULAC held a mayoral debate Tuesday, and everyone but Johnson was there. He was in Austin, where the Lege is in session. It must be hard to simultaneously run for mayor and serve as a state representative.

My second thought is that Johnson went to Harvard, Princeton, and UPenn. He’s probably used to doing hard stuff.

My third thought is that all those folks who signed that letter are Republicans, while Johnson is definitely not a Republican. It’s one thing if you’re Mike Ablon. Does he lean Republican? I don’t know. He’s a developer. His parents live in Lake Highlands. So probably. But who knows? Johnson, on the other hand, has served as a Democrat for a decade, doing all sorts of very Democratic stuff, including but not limited to serving on the Democratic National Committee. So it’s really refreshing that these wealthy Republicans can ignore their party differences and give their money to Johnson.

My fourth thought is that right now Jim Schutze must be frothing at the mouth and fighting tumescence. Without any proof, he’s been peddling a conspiracy about the Park Cities oligarchy doing whatever it can to torpedo Scott Griggs. Now he’s got this fundraising letter!

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